Coaching Successfully

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The ability to raise the performance of your staff and seek long-term goals for them to work towards is an important element of being a good manager. Through coaching, you can develop staff to take on more responsibility and give yourself more time to get on with the job of managing.

Coaching helps you to bring out the potential of your staff. Use it to deal with immediate problems, as a constructive way to interact with your staff, and as an aid to their long-term development.

How Coaching Works

The coaching process closes the gap between an individual’s or team’s present level of performance and the desired one. This can happen within a single coaching session, or over a long cycle of sessions. As a coach, you will help develop your people by mutually assessing performance, discussing the present situation, defining achievable goals, exploring new initiatives and supporting a coachee in their plain of action.

Coaching refers both to specific interacting skills – used both in everyday situations and in more structured meetings and the encouragement of long-term learning.

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