Peak Performance

Peak Performance Through Neuro-Semantics & NLP

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NLP studies brilliance and quality, how outstanding individuals and organizations get their outstanding results. The methods can be taught to others so they too can get the same class of results and this process is called ‘modeling’.

In order to model, NLP studies how we structure our subjective experience, how we think about our values and beliefs and how we create our emotional states and how we construct our internal world from our experience and give it meaning. No event has meaning in itself, we give it meaning, and different people may give the same event different meanings. So, NLP studies experience from the inside.

NLP began by studying the best communicators and has evolved into the systemic study of human communication. It has grown by adding practical tools and methods generated by modeling exceptional people. These tools are used internationally in sports, business, training, sales, law and education. However, NLP is more than just a collection of techniques. It is also a way of thinking, a frame of mind based on curiosity, exploration and fun.

Neuro-Semantics has added new dimensions to the art and science of modeling. Additional tools include a questioning model for surfacing and anchoring deep beliefs and values (Meta-State Questions), more ways to install and layer or stack different emotions (the Meta States Model), and ways to perform with higher meaning in personal and professional life (the Self-Actualization Model based on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs).

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