Teambuilding Tips & Ideas

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Teambuilding exercises are a terrific tool to foster increased communication, cooperation and creativity among employees. A cohesive team is productive. A group of employees happily working for the common goals for the team is the dream of every manager and business owner.

Why Team Building Is Important:

Teambuilding provides relational glue that holds your team together. The team that has bonded fares better when difficulties and change occur. Team building encourages open communication, flushes out hidden agendas, and builds rapport and trust. Teamwork, motivation and creativity all increase after successful teambuilding exercises

Tips for Planning Your Team Building Day:

Planning a successful teambuilding day requires a great deal of preparation and planning. These tips for creating a successful teambuilding experience are the basis for an enjoyable and productive day.

Always provide a safe environment for your team. Physical safety should be a priority during all activities. Ensuring a safe and supportive environment for team members to share ideas and voice concerns is crucial as well.

Incorporate fun activities with carefully structured learning sessions. Vary the pace to keep everyone’s attention.

If your team consists of more than six members, break up into smaller groups to encourage full participation. Change partners frequently to foster new relationships.

Plan a time schedule with frequent breaks and stick to it throughout the day.

Study the four main personality styles of people, and provide something in your presentation for each type.

Schedule your team-building day off site.

Be flexible during the sessions and plan for unexpected interruptions and problems.

Come prepared.

Start on time and end the day on time.

Be very clear about the goals for the day and provide a time for reflection, evaluation and recapping of the day’s events.

Include powerful examples of teamwork at its best.

Treat each team member as a significant individual.

Ideas for Teambuilding Activities:

Some fun ideas for teambuilding activities are rope courses, office Olympics, ATV courses, casino games, beach volleyball, cooking classes, inflatable games, and wilderness survival training. Any event that requires cooperation and provides a fun interesting environment for your group can be adapted for team building.

Your teambuilding day can be a success with these tips and ideas. Remember to keep it fun, vary the pace, and provide a safe environment for a day of bonding and teamwork!

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