Self-Actualization Workshop

“Are You Fully Realizing Your Passion and Purpose ….
Creating The Life and Business Outcomes You Want …. So That You Live Your Dreams?

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“Discover How To Create The Life and Business Outcomes You Want When You Take Control Of Your Personal Power And Live Up To Your Full Potential!” The Groundbreaking And Unique Ultimate Self-Actualization Workshop Will Help You To Unleash Your Potentials And Achieve Peak Experiences And Peak Performance.

You will learn the techniques to empower yourself, actualize your highest potential and the art of staying in the ‘zone’ to live your dreams.

1. Are you living the good life? The full life? The meaningful life?
2. Is fear and anxiety shutting you down and diminishing your joy?
3. How well are you following your Dreams? Are you ready to go for it?
4. Are you where you are in life by accident or by design?
5. Is the life you are now living the result of a dream you once dreamt?
6. How much more of your potentials lie dormant and untapped?
7. Are you selling yourself and others short through negative thinking and feeling?
8. How ready are you to actualize your best skills and performances?
9. Are you ready to live your dreams? To accelerate the unleashing of your potentials?

“It is Time, isn’t, to Actualize Your Dreams….to Enrich the Meaning of your Life…and take these Skills to the Next Level”

Imagine being able to naturally achieve your best, to experience learning and change that satisfies your inner drives for feeling important, unique, special and valued.

When you satisfy these higher human needs you naturally want more because they become stronger and you develop more capacity for truth, direction, purpose, order, intention and contribution. This is the world of abundance rather than deficiency.

By adding to the meanings we create in our minds we can self-organize our entire mind-body system as an attractor frame creating a self-fulfilling process of attracting and living our Dreams.

Do you actively embrace change?

Do you have a hunger for more, to be more, feel more, think more, experience more, create more and give more? Or do you allow yourself to be driven by your emotions, needs, fallibilities and experiences?

Attend this Workshop and Learn how to…..

1. Construct your thinking to create powerful change
2. Create and hold the energy to drive you forward
3. Organize your entire mind-body system to attract anything you want
4. Add layer upon layer of thinking to actualize yourself
5. Live your life at higher and higher levels and create your own continuous personal evolution
6. Plus much much more…..

What the training will cover?

3 days of interactive training to accelerate your learning plus a detailed manual written by Dr Michael Hall (co-founder of the International Institute of Neuro-Semantics) loaded with information and techniques to take your skills to a higher level….

Day 1: Develop an understanding that you Construct your own reality and create meanings from this which can be beneficial or toxic. Using Neuro-Linguistic NLP patterns you clear out these distortions and create new more empowering meanings of yourself.

Day 2: You form and transform your energies into warp drives that propel you forward as in your won volcano of driving needs, passionate emotions, wild thoughts and other energies that move you to actualize yourself. In this Crucible of energy you forge the kind of personality transformations so that you can be and become fully and completely all that you can be.

Day 3: You reach the Zone of actualizing yourself, the place where your highest values can synthesise so that you can be fully present to your highest ideals. You set your intentions to continue to attract these ideals and stabilize this zone of actualization with flexibility and mastery.

Who would Benefit from this Workshop?

  • CEO’s, Business Owners and Coaches…
  • Managers, Supervisors and Team Leaders…
  • Team members involved in Leadership roles…
  • Anyone who wants to improve their life and work…

Completion of this workshop will enable the participants to receive the International Certificate for Ultimate Self-Actualization Workshop from the International Society of Neuro-Semantics (ISNS)

For information on how we can be of service to you, please call Fiona Lok at
+6 012 2881813 or email us for an obligation free meeting to discuss your needs.


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