You Can’t Lie To Me

Body affects mind, and mind affects body. Using power moves to show confidence and charisma to others will also make you feel confident and charismatic. Using postures to show care and concern to others will also make you feel care and concern. This is what emotional intelligence and congruency are all about.

The fastest effective way to uncover hidden desires, thoughts, or emotions is by reading and interpreting body language correctly. For example, people show their true feelings in the first 0.2 seconds or less of a conversation. Then they cover it up or mask it with another different facial expression. This initial true facial expression is called a micro-expression. There are 7 different micro-expressions you can detect to measure a person’s sincerity and congruence.

If you remember the TV Show “Lie To Me”, there were examples of facial micro-expressions which take place in 0.2 seconds. While this is useful and accurate, the FBI has for several years put more emphasis on verbal statement analysis, which is even more valid and reliable because it yields even more clues or hotspots. Of course, we will learn both micro-expressions (and other types of body language) and verbal statement analysis  in the       “You Can’t Lie To Me” program.

The Scientific Method of Deception Detection pioneered by the Body Language Institute, USA, and highlighted by the hit TV series “Lie To Me” consists of 3 Steps:

1) Observe people’s normal behavior or baseline, in just 3 minutes or less.

2) Detect any deviations from the baseline. These deviations in body language or words used are called hotspots.

3) Stop and ask a powerful question to easily verify and confirm the hotspots. By observing their reactions to your question, you can easily verify the hotspots.

“When there’s a conflict between the words and the body language, always believe the body language.”


“When the eyes say one thing, and the tongue another, the practiced man relies on the language of the first.”


“For those who are sharper, the words people say and how they say it reveals sufficient clues to uncover what is true and what is not.”


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