Leadership Engagement

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Leadership Engagement

To be Fully Engaged as a Leader is to be aware, alert and aligned in the 4 Leadership Qualities – Physical, Emotional, Intellectual and Spiritual. This program will assist Managers and Executives in the Development and Consistent Access Of Leadership Engagement modelled from World Class Leader by:

Program Benefits

  • Creating physical endurance for better health and more fitness.
  • Controlling emotional energy for better relationships and more harmony.
  • Channelling intellectual creativity for better results and more innovation.
  • Cultivating spiritual insight for better effectiveness and more happiness.

Learning Outcomes

Participants who have completed this module would be able to:

  1. Create physical endurance
  2. Control emotional energy
  3. Channel intellectual creativity
  4. Cultivate spiritual insight


Create Physical Endurance

  • Developing Physical Awareness
  • Expanding Physical Capacity
  • Motivating Immediate Action
  • Motivating Against Personal Excuses

Control Emotional Energy

  • Developing Emotional Awareness
  • Expanding Emotional Capacity
  • Overcoming Anger and Fear
  • Overcoming Toxic Thinking

Channel Intellectual Creativity

  • Developing Intellectual Awareness
  • Expanding Intellectual Capacity
  • Resolving Conflicting Perspectives
  • Resolving Conflicting Values

Cultivate Spiritual Insight

  • Developing Spiritual Awareness
  • Expanding Spiritual Capacity
  • Aligning Action With Mission
  • Aligning the How with the Why

Module Duration

  • 2 Days

Target Group

  • Managers and Executives

Leadership Engagement is an International Licensed Training Program based on Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Neuro Semantics (NS) Technology.

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